Updated Front Porch

I had several pallets in my garage (shout out to Married Filing Jointly for letting me have them), and I have gone over and over how I want to use them. Initially, I wanted to make a headboard, but the more I looked at them sitting there…I knew that was not the look I wanted for my bedroom. I’m saving up money for an upholstered headboard 🙂

Anyway, I’ve been quite disappointed with the look of my front porch. We’re renting, so I knew I couldn’t make any radical changes, but it just needed something…new. Out of nowhere, literally, an idea popped into my head and within a couple of days it was done. This was so easy and it made a HUGE difference.


Front Porch Before

Our front porch wasn’t bad I guess, but it was kind of blah. I loved the wreath that I had there, but it had been up there for awhile and was a little worn. I also loved having the fern there, and I’m proud of my self for having kept it alive since March. I ended up using it again with the new look, but the fern is definitely going to need to be replaced.


Front Porch After

I LOVE this look so much more, and the pallet was the perfect touch, and it’ll be easy to change out each season. I used the same mat and spray painted a chevron pattern on it. On the door is a plastic chalkboard and I intertwined burlap through it and tied a bow at the bottom. I found BEAUTIFUL flowers at Lowe’s and placed them throughout the pallet. *Tip: I turned the pallet around so I could use the back side for shelves.*

I had been saving some jars for awhile and this was a great opportunity to use them. I repotted a single flower in each jar, and on a few of them I tied a bow around the jar with a chartreuse colored burlap.

Burlap Front Door

Plants Front Porch

Front Porch Plant Shelf

The whole finished pallet with flowers. When it’s time to decorate for Fall, I plan on using an arrangement of pumpkins. I can’t wait for that!

Front Porch Plants Full Shelf

Now, for the pallet…

I used the pallet that was in the best shape, and simply spray painted it. Easy, right? I used Rust-oleum from Walmart (the can said PRIMER, and it could be used on either wood, metal, plastic, or anything). All it needed was 1 coat of spray paint and tah-dah!…it was done.