Top 5 Designer Secrets

Designers usually try and keep some secrets to themselves. {This way, we have some tips and tricks hidden up our sleeves}. However, there are a lot of simple and easy ways to will make decorating your homes so much easier. There are so many more than just these, but I happen to find that these are the top 5. They are the EASIEST, SIMPLEST, and most INEXPENSIVE.*

*These are MY top 5 secrets…not necessarily the views of other designers

{1} When arranging your furniture, always start with the best seat in the room, and work your way from there. The main structure of any room should should be determined on the function of that particular room. Keep in mind family nights, or when guests come over. What activities take place in that room? Do you have a fireplace or television that is the focal point? Things to keep in mind!

{2} Always use white linens in the guest bathroom. They send a message of cleanliness and really stand out. Plus, they’re bleach-able, so they will retain their shiny new white color. {This is why hotels ALWAYS use white linens, even on their beds}.

{3} Don’t line up all your furniture against walls or windows.You end up with too much dead space. Float your furniture around the room. Show off the backs of your furniture and add something decorative like a sofa table. This can make your space appear larger than it actually is.

{4} Use more pillows…especially on sofas or love seats. One set of pillows is too few. Gather several different pillows with varying textures and designs. I love pillows, so I’m aways one to keep piling them on.

{5} Always add a hint of greenery. It makes the space come alive and is visually appealing. If you’re not one who generally likes greenery, go out and find something that you like! There are so many different types of greenery to choose from, and most are easy to keep up with. Or, if you don’t have a green thumb {like me}, find topiaries or fake greenery that look realistic. I usually hate fake flowers, but some can look really realistic! While I’m at it, make sure it’s little, subtle hints of greenery, not massive trees. They tend to take up too much space.