Fabric Letters Tutorial

So, I had this blank wall in my bedroom and could not figure out what to put there. I knew I didn’t want a piece of artwork, and there are more than enough pictures in the house. Plus, I already have a mirror on another wall.

Then I got this fabulous idea when I went shopping to Hobby Lobby (sadly, a weekly occurrence). I found these great plain, white letters, and fortunately, they were half off!

I researched tutorials online, and found a good one, but after doing it, I had to make some changes to this tutorial. The other tutorial said to put Mod Podge on top the fabric after it had been sealed onto the letter.

I tried this on a couple of my letters, but it hardened the fabric and changed some of the color and appearance of it. For the rest of the letters I didn’t apply the Mod Podge on top, and it turned out much better.

If you have scrap fabrics, this is the perfect opportunity to use them. This is what I used on each letter to make them different, and I love that look. However, using the same fabric for each letter would look fantastic, too.

The materials needed are:

Fabric of your choice (yardage depends on what your spelling out)
Wooden letters (Hobby Lobby)
Sharpie (or thick writing utensil)
Mod Podge
Paint Brush

First, I laid out all my letters so I could see what this was going to look like, and also to make sure that I wasn’t misspelling something (the OCD in me coming out).  If our walls were painted darker, I might’ve left the letters blank just because I think these letters are so cool.

Next, lay down the fabric (face side down) and the letter on top of it (also face side down) so that the fabric will go in the right direction on the letter. Trace around the letter onto the fabric.

Once you’ve traced the letter, use sharp scissors to cut the letter out. Be very precise, you don’t want the fabric to not match the letter!

Once it is cut out, apply mod podge onto the letter and then lay the fabric over it. It would be handy to keep a Q-tip or Kleenex next to you, that way you can wipe off any excess mod podge around the edges. After the letter was on, I took fingernail clippers and trimmed the frayed edges of the fabric, just to give it an even look.

I let the letters dry over night, but it really doesn’t need that long, a few hours at most. Just hang them up, and you’re done! This was so easy, and it looks great on the empty space in our bedroom!

Have fun with this project! Make sure you use colorful and vibrant fabrics. Enjoy 🙂

Easy Spring Centerpieces

I LOVE springtime, and the best part is that I can get out all of my spring decor. I also love spring because of the colors. Everything is so vibrant and cheery. It’s so fun to put out flowers, especially (and only) fresh ones. Silk flowers, in my opinion, are’t as pretty as fresh ones, plus fresh ones smell so much better!! Who doesn’t love spring?!

It’s a lot of fun for me to mix and match décor accessories, and everything that Ive used for these centerpieces are things that I have at home. All of these items can be found at local stores, and can easily be replicated with similar items. Beside each photo, Ive provided a list of where Ive purchased everything to make it easier to find! Some of the stores are local, but like I said, can easily be replicated to make your own unique look! Be sure to check online too, there are some great deals out there.

What I love most about this tricycle centerpiece is that it is so unique and different. Its also turquoise, which I am obsessed with right now! The grapevine keeps your eyes moving around the whole piece so you see it all. Plus, the greenery adds so much and really complements the greenery growing outside. Every morning I hear birds outside, and so I had to add the bird nest and bird to this centerpiece. It would seem wrong without it!

Tricycle: Atlanta Market Furniture
(I found a similar one online at goantiques.com)
Moss Ball: Michaels
Grapevine: Michaels
Bird Nest with Bird: Atlanta Market Furniture (I found similar ones on save-on-crafts.com)
Tray: This is actually all black with a glass piece on top. I put down a leopard colored paper under the glass to give it a different look! Tray is from Hobby Lobby.

Watering Can
There are actually two watering can pictures. I couldn’t decide which I liked better, so I put them both up! I re-added the moss ball and grapevine to add a little something extra to the floral. The flowers are so pretty, and the best thing is that they were growing right outside my house. Don’t go spend a ton of money of flowers, just go pick some fresh ones!

Watering Can: Ikea
Grapevine: Michaels
Tray: This is actually all black with a glass piece on top. I put down a leopard colored paper under the glass to give it a different look! Tray is from Hobby Lobby.
Turquoise & Black Tray: I actually found this at a flea market, and refinished it to be black and turquoise. Any decorative frame could easily work and look just as good!
Moss Ball: Michaels

Bird Cage
The color of this birdcage just pops, and I LOVE the color yellow! The white and pink flower flow well with the birdcage as well, and just makes it so much more attractive. I wanted a little something to put into the cage, and I found these great decorative balls at Hobby Lobby. They are blue and brown, and have different textures for contrast. The simplicity of this is so fantastic, and is perfect to last from spring to summer!

Bird Cage: Hobby Lobby
Decorative Balls: Hobby Lobby
Glass Votives: Wal-Mart

Candlesticks are always a fun to add to anywhere in the home. I prefer getting 3, because its easier to arrange them. These are especially fun because they are vibrant and full of color. The iridescent quality of the candlesticks is fantastic because it really lets the light show through. To do something different, instead of using candles, I placed decorative brown balls on top of the candlesticks. Putting more of the balls on the actual tray ties together the balls on the top really well.

Candlesticks: A great flea market find! Any candlesticks will look good, though.
Decorative Balls: Hobby Lobby
Tray: This is actually all black with a glass piece on top. I put down a leopard colored paper under the glass to give it a different look! Tray is from Hobby Lobby.

I love this pig so much! I think he is adorable and looks great in any kitchen (or anywhere for that matter). He needed something small beside him to add volume to the centerpiece, so I added the moss ball, which I love because it matched his green bow! The floral just enhanced it even more by giving it color and adding a little something extra.

Pig: Gracious Living Interiors
Tray: This is actually all black with a glass piece on top. I put down a leopard colored paper under the glass to give it a different look! Tray is from Hobby Lobby.
Moss Ball: Michaels
Glass Votive: Wal-Mart

Top 5 Designer Secrets

Designers usually try and keep some secrets to themselves. {This way, we have some tips and tricks hidden up our sleeves}. However, there are a lot of simple and easy ways to will make decorating your homes so much easier. There are so many more than just these, but I happen to find that these are the top 5. They are the EASIEST, SIMPLEST, and most INEXPENSIVE.*

*These are MY top 5 secrets…not necessarily the views of other designers

{1} When arranging your furniture, always start with the best seat in the room, and work your way from there. The main structure of any room should should be determined on the function of that particular room. Keep in mind family nights, or when guests come over. What activities take place in that room? Do you have a fireplace or television that is the focal point? Things to keep in mind!

{2} Always use white linens in the guest bathroom. They send a message of cleanliness and really stand out. Plus, they’re bleach-able, so they will retain their shiny new white color. {This is why hotels ALWAYS use white linens, even on their beds}.

{3} Don’t line up all your furniture against walls or windows.You end up with too much dead space. Float your furniture around the room. Show off the backs of your furniture and add something decorative like a sofa table. This can make your space appear larger than it actually is.

{4} Use more pillows…especially on sofas or love seats. One set of pillows is too few. Gather several different pillows with varying textures and designs. I love pillows, so I’m aways one to keep piling them on.

{5} Always add a hint of greenery. It makes the space come alive and is visually appealing. If you’re not one who generally likes greenery, go out and find something that you like! There are so many different types of greenery to choose from, and most are easy to keep up with. Or, if you don’t have a green thumb {like me}, find topiaries or fake greenery that look realistic. I usually hate fake flowers, but some can look really realistic! While I’m at it, make sure it’s little, subtle hints of greenery, not massive trees. They tend to take up too much space.

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