How to Decorate Your Console Table

Console tables are one of the most important places to decorate in your home, mostly because they are the first thing people will see when they come in. Think about your own console table.

Now, look at it as if you were a guest coming into your home. How does it look? Hopefully fantastic, but if you’re needing a little help, follow these simple ideas and tips on how to make your console table look amazing!

This picture is my own console table. What I absolutely love about it is that it is simple, yet eye catching. Using a mirror is always a good idea, especially in an entryway. It makes the space seem larger, plus your guests will like looking at themselves to make sure they look okay 🙂

Our entryway is rather dark, so a white lamp with a crystal base was perfect for this space. It really opens it up. The flowers are simple, and the color of them just pops. To create height on the opposite side, I layered some small books and placed the tallest of the three vases on top.

The pig is my favorite, though! He is so different and unique, and reminds my husband and I of where we were born and raised (woo pig sooie!). There is even a bow on him to add more contrast and color.

This is just my own console table, however, there are plenty of different ways to decorate a console table, and tips to follow.

Decorating Your Console Table

1. Keep it flowing with the rest of your home. Current styles and trends are fun and exciting, but if your two rooms (entryway to living room, living room to kitchen, kitchen to dining room, etc.) do not flow well, then they look choppy and disengaged form each other. For example, take this picture of this entryway leading into the living room. They flow together quite nicely.

2. Use small pops of color. This to me always makes a table so fun. Also, color can be used in so many ways, whether it be with flowers, lamps, artwork, accessories…there are so many possibilities! (P.S. notice the use of mirrors in every photo?)

3. Rules of height. Keep your tallest piece on one end of the table, never in the center. On the opposite side, it should be tall as well (taller than centerpiece, shorter than tallest piece). I like to add varying heights by using multiple candlesticks, vases, etc. on the opposite end. However, the use of two lamps always look good on either side, and of course double the amount of light you get.

This general rule of thumb is for mantles, but applies to console tables as well. The artwork or mirror on the wall behind it should be almost equal to the width of the table, never bigger; preferably to where it sits right between your two end pieces.

Now you can decorate your console table like a pro! Don’t forget the most important rule though…keep it personal! Use items you love and express who you and your family are and what you love. That’s what will look the best 🙂

Relish and Cream Cheese Dip

By far, this is the best chip dip I think I’ve ever had. It’s sweet and has a little tang to it as well. I made this last night for our Life Group when they came over, and they raved about it. But first, a little background on this dip…

Last year, my mom, granny, and I went shopping at Harry and David’s (where the relish is from). We came home and my mom had concocted this dip. I took one bite and the next thing I new it was gone. So, props to my mom for coming up with this!

All you need are 2 ingredients: Harry and David’s Pepper and Onion Relish (Sweet Recipe) and some (depends on how much you plan to make) cream cheese.

Harry and David has other relishes, but I have not experimented with those yet…though I’m sure they would be equally delicious.

The best thing about this, is that there really are no measurements. Just put in as much as you want of both ingredients. Mix them together, and you’re done!

*I hand mixed the ingredients with a spoon, and it came out kind of chunky. For more of a blend, use a mixer.

I served this with Tostitos, but any chip I’m sure would be good. My husband wanted Fritos with it… but I won with my choice 🙂


How to Spray Paint Furniture

I have to say…this has probably been one the FUNNEST and EASIEST projects I’ve ever done. It literally only took me an afternoon, and I got a brand new coffee table. Every time I look at it, I enjoy it more and more.

We got this coffee table right after my husband and I got married, back in 2010. It was nice at first, but our puppies have forever left their marks on it. Needless to say, it was looking a little rough. I’m also obsessed with the color Turquoise right now, so that is the color I used.

I’m the type of person who will do anything to avoid sanding furniture down before hand. I just hate to do it. I also needed this to be easy. All I needed for this project was an old piece of furniture, spray paint, and steel wool (which I used for distressing).


1. Spray paint: Probably 2 cans, depending on the furniture…I got mine at Walmart (see picture)
2. Steel wool: Also from Walmart (see picture)

Step 1: Clean your furniture piece thoroughly. I simply wiped mine down with Pledge. Make sure you use a well ventilated area with plenty of space. I just went into the backyard, and laid down a piece of cardboard over the grass so it wouldn’t turn blue 🙂

*Before starting, be sure to pull out any drawers, and paint them separately. And also take off an knobs and screws.

Step 2: Simply follow the directions on the spray paint. Don’t spray too close or the paint will be runny, I stayed back several inches when spraying. Also, if you’re painting wood, make sure to spray in the direction of the wood grain. It only took one coat of the spray paint for it to cover, but some places needed a little more. I let it dry outside for an hour, though it didn’t even need that long.

Step 3: Grab a piece of your steel wool, and work on the corners and edges first. It doesn’t take much pressure, just a little bit so that the paint comes off. Depending on how much distressing you want, either do more or less on your furniture. I did a heavier distressing…mostly because I liked the dark wood color underneath.

Step 4: Clean again. When I used the steel wool, remnants of paint and wool went everywhere. I wasn’t sure about using the Pledge again, mostly afraid it was not going to work with the spray paint. But it worked perfectly fine, and gave it a glossy finish. I didn’t even need to put a finish on this, because the paint worked so well. However, if you want to put a finish on it, I’d recommend going to Lowe’s and getting a simple wood finish.

And now I have a new coffee table! I loved the way it turned out, and it looks much better than the old brown color. It really was that simple!

All Things Color

Color is perhaps one of the most important aspects in your home. It adds so much to a room, plus, it’s easy to change if it needs to be. There are so many things about color that are important, and helpful to know. Certain colors go well with other colors, and groups of colors are better suited for certain personalities, known as the psychology of color.

Color Coordination

The colors that complement each other the best are red and green, yellow and purple, and blue and orange. There are various shades of each color, and on the color wheel, the boldest of one color directly compliments the boldest color across from it; these are your complementary colors:

Red & Green

Yellow & Purple

Blue & Orange

Color Psychology

It is known that certain colors reflect certain personalities and moods. Some are obvious, yet at the same time some of the colors are not. There are even color groupings that can affect a persons emotional behavior.

There are specific color groups can have an impact on how people emotionally respond to certain colors. These colors and responses are:

– Light-value and bright color groups produce feelings of spontaneity and happiness
– Light and dull or neutralized colors produce feelings of calm and relaxation
– Dark and dull or neutralized colors are serious and profound
– Dark values and bright chroma (jewel tones) suggest richness and strength

Light Value & Bright Colors

Light Value & Neutral Colors

Dark Value & Neutral Colors

Dark Value & Neutral Colors

Certain colors go right along with certain personalities, and each color reveals different characteristics of each personality. First of all, your warm colors (i.e. reds, oranges, and yellows) are inviting, homey, encouraging, and intimate. Your cool colors (i.e. blues, greens, and purples) are calm, relaxing, and emotional. The different shades of each color also convey different emotions and meanings as well.

Red: Danger, passion, love, and excitement, wealth, power, and sometimes evil, cheerfulness, youth, festivity, femininity, innocence, relaxation, and delicacy.

Orange: Friendliness, warmth, celebration, and clarity, wealth, success, fame, rich, depth, security, sense of well-being, stimulation (to the appetite).

Yellow: Cheerful optimism, sunshine, springtime, renewal, intense, intellect, wealth, affluence, status, and high esteem. Too much is brash and flamboyant, intelligence, wisdom, compassion, freshness, clarity, and cleanliness.

Blue: Loyalty, honesty, integrity, and royalty, sincerity, conservatism, safety, peacefulness, and compassion, calm, cleanliness, and tentativeness.

Green: Nature, calmness, integrity, and friendliness, solidity, wealth, and security, sea and sky, nostalgia, and calmness, youthfulness, freshness, and happiness.

Purple: Optimism, imagination, royalty, dignity and drama, depth, richness, security, sternness, and soberness, freshness, springtime, flowers, femininity, and kindness.

There are many other topics about color that are important, but I felt these were most important to know when it comes to your own home. Of course, one of the best things to know about color is what colors are best for each room, but there’s a wealth of information on that, so I’m saving that for another post. 🙂