DIY: Pallet Table

Sorry to have been MIA for the past month…it has been crazy busy, which was a pleasant change from my stay-at-home-life lately. I spent some great time with family, plus an amazing beach trip. I actually got the idea for this post when I went home to visit, so props to my awesome family 🙂

I have to give a shout out to my brother. He made this awesome pallet table for my mom on Mother’s Day, and it is just PERFECT outside on her patio. When I went home and saw it for the first time, he told me just how easy it was to make. I have a few pallets sitting in the garage (waiting to be used on other projects), but I may save one to make this project 🙂

Old pallet
4 blocks of wood (for legs)*
Drill or hammer
Screws or nails
Paint or wood stain (optional)
*For the legs, you could buy decorative ones at Lowe’s or Home Depot. They just need to be sturdy or thick enough to hold the weight of the pallet.

The most important thing to do before anything else, it clean and prepare the pallet. I had pressure wash mine first because they were covered in mud, and they took FOREVER to dry. Be sure to sand down the pallet too to take care of any loose splinters, and overall smooth the wood.

This DIY project really is as easy as it seems. Unfortunately I don’t have step-by-step pictures since Kyler did this as a surprise, but overall it is pretty self-explanatory.

Step 1: Choose which side you want to be the bottom, and use a tape measure to make sure all of the legs are in the same place on each corner. Mark the areas and remeasure, just to make sure you’re spot on!

Step 2: Use the drill to screw in the screws. Depending on the legs you get, you may have to screw in at angles to make sure they really hold. Kyler happened to get wood legs long enough to reach the top of the pallet, and he nailed in from the top.

Step 3: Optional paint. Kyler stained his table with a dark stain, but any paint would look amazing. I personally, would do something more fun (maybe a chevron pattern on top!). If you paint, I definitely recommend putting a finish on top so it stays in great shape.

Being a designer, I just had to dress up the table while I was at home. I chose these great metal cans and threw in some fake flowers. (Fake florals are not my favorite item, but for picture purposes, I think they turned out looking really good!) Kyler did a great job on this pallet table. Maybe now that I’ve dedicated a post to him, he’ll do a table for me…hint hint 😉 Or if I actually do this myself, I will post pictures and maybe repost a tutorial if I have new pertinent information 🙂

Popular and Trendy Patterns

There are so many great patterns out there being used, but do you really know their names? When trying to decorate yourself, it is important to know these patterns, plus learn some new ones that you may have not heard of before! These specific patterns tend to be the most popular and used the most. I LOVE every one of these. Plus, some of these patterns are easy to mix together in order to create new looks! Patterns are fun 🙂 Plus, here are some helpful hints when decorating with these patterns.

Usually used as knitwear of socks and sweaters, Argyle is also used as a popular decorative pattern. Best to be used as a large, bold print, possibly as a painted wall or wallpaper. Also looks good as tile work in a bathroom or stonework on a patio.

Basket Weave
Mostly used as a small pattern with a solid color, such as with draperies or furniture fabric. It is a very strong weave, which is why it is mostly used on fabrics that need to be durable and thick.

Sometimes using a checkered pattern is risky. To me, it is very bold and busy, because of the two distinct colors. However, if done correctly it makes a very nice tile flooring, and when used on pillows it can soften a space.

By far, the most popular pattern everywhere right now. It really is a fun pattern, and looks good with any color, even coordinating colors. The good thing about chevron is that the pattern looks good anywhere; walls, pillows, fabrics, furniture, etc.

Definitely more of a formal pattern, it seems to be most popular in the simple black and white print. Looks good in a large print or medium size print; if it gets too small it gets smushed together and too busy.

Fleur de Lis
Made up of 3 sword shaped petals on the top and bottom known as a stylized Lilly. Its meaning behind the symbol comes from a variety of places and meanings, but it most associated with wealth and royalty. Used a lot in architecture as well as interior motifs.

The always popular Floral pattern can be used in any way and with any colors. I prefer colorful when it comes to florals because it brings out the original colors of the flowers which the pattern comes from. Such a classic pattern you cannot go wrong with.

A geometric pattern associated with Greek symbols and architecture. Also known as the Greek Key pattern. Often used for border designs.

Originally a Scottish pattern used on kilts, it is mostly popular with fashion design. However, I love the Houndstooth pattern on pillows or throws.

I LOVE the Ikat pattern! This pattern looks really good in a larger print so you can really see the pattern. If you’re bold enough, this pattern looks great on accent chairs or walls. For a more subtle look, use on bedding, pillows, or rugs.

A geometric pattern that, in my opinion, is a classier pattern. Looks great pretty much anywhere, large or small pattern. I really want to do this on a wall in a monochromatic color palette.

An onion shaped motif that is a repeating pattern. This is more a a fun and whimsical pattern that I like in a colorful color palette.

More of a western themed pattern, known for being used on bandanas. I personally have this pattern on my rug in my kitchen. It looks really good in a large pattern, and is a mix of neutrals and colors. Love it. Very whimsical, have fun with this pattern!

The ever popular plaid pattern will never go out of style. Very simple, but can be dressed up. I currently have plaid pillows in my living room. They are very fun because they’re in a turquoise and yellow and gray palette.

The best thing about the polkadot is that it can be used anywhere, and on anything. Use small or large, although I prefer the larger print….in bold places.

Almost the opposite of the moroccan pattern. I love this pattern, especially on draperies. It really dress up anything in the room.

Subtle, yet pretty…sophisticated maybe? Regardless, another timeless pattern you can’t go wrong with.

Pretty self explanatory really. A classic pattern, but should more than likely be used vertically instead of horizontal.

Pronounced like “twall”. Toile depicts s fairly complex scene in a repeated pattern. Usually in monochromatic colors like red, blue or black and white. Very popular with English or French designs.

Sorry for the long post, but these patterns are some of the most popular being used in design right now. The best part is that these patterns can be coordinated with each other when they are similar color palettes.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho a New Office to Go!

I know the title is a little cheesy…ok very cheesy, but whenever I get ready to work I always think of this song. I am so excited to show off a friend of mine’s new office space. Lindsay came to me awhile ago asking me to give her office a new look, nothing big, just a few simple, new changes. It took me a good amount of time to edit some pictures and prepare everything, which is why it’s just now getting shown off! Anyway, Lindsay LOVES her office and receives compliments whenever someone sees it. It needs to be shown off!

Lindsay had a good amount of office space, and the layout she already had worked best for her, so I left the layout alone. She didn’t need new furniture, bookshelves, or anything big…like I said, a new simple facelift. These kinds of makeovers are so fun and easy! I love shopping for new accessories!

Here is the before:

Here is the after:

I love this look now. It looks clean, organized, and I have to recommend the candles that I used…they came from Ikea and smell AMAZING!

In one corner of her office there is chair. I placed gorgeous rug in front of it to add a pop of color and to soften the office space. I added a new pillow and also put up a set of mirrors above the chair.

Lindsay’s shelves were fun to decorate, and they look even better now because she’s added pictures into her frames. Just a few new white storage tubs were used in the shelves that look much better than the fabric ones. She had plenty of books and other miscellaneous items that helped pull everything together as well. I love coming in here and looking at the pictures of her son, Jacob. Now he makes the room look good! Her office definitely needed a lamp, and I found the perfect one. I’m usually not a huge fan of plants, and this one was already in her office, I just moved it’s location, and it works much better here by the shelves.

Lindsay had a great bulletin board above her desk that needed to stay. Just a little rearranging is all her desk needed to finish the look.

On the opposite side of her desk is a small side table, which at first was a little cluttered. After some organizing and adding a few accessories, plus some AMAZING art, it really turned out great! As far as art went, I wanted a series of something, not just something to take up space. What I loved most about this art collection is that it is actually fabric and I wrapped it around card board and then had it framed. Using different sizes really adds some dimension, too.

Lindsay is FANTASTIC at doing her job, and I am thrilled to volunteer for her every week. She totally deserves the perfect office, and now she has it! I am also very grateful to call her a friend of mine, and had a blast putting this together for her.

Sneak Peak of My Home!!!

So, my husband and I moved to south Atlanta at the very beginning of the year. Since I had not found a job yet, I spent all my time getting our house set up. It didn’t take long at all, and I’ve actually changed several things around since then…I tend to tire of the same look easily :). Anyway, I have received compliments on several areas of my home, so I’ve decided to post some of my favorite spaces in our home.

My husband and I, and our two puppies, spend a lot of time in the living room. We watch our favorite shows, play games, and hang out with friends. I like to keep our living room open, inviting, and of course, clean! Always, always, always clean.

Next, the number one place (well, second place I guess) is our guest bedroom. We don’t have many guests stay over, but when we do, it is for an extended amount of time. The bedroom is small, but after some rearranging, I found the best layout for the bed and surrounding furniture. The hand painted verses mean so much to us because my dad made them for us to use at our wedding.

And now the guest bathroom. Our landlords thankfully painted the bathroom a very nice shade of brown. Our shower curtain and decor looks perfect in there, and I enjoyed decorating this space. To change things up a bit, I tied up a towel and hand towel with a ribbon. It kinda just adds a little something extra. And I love it.

Since my husband and I are renting, we obviously didn’t have a say on anything in the house, and can’t change anything either.That said, I am not fond of our kitchen…but I do REALLY love the way I have our kitchen table set up. I do have to give the landlords props for painting the kitchen red…the color really does just pop! The rug I found was initially meant for another room, but found its way into the kitchen.

Our table was originally a finished wood, and I painted it black. I also recovered the chairs because the previous fabric was awful. Also, credit goes to my dad again for the chevron painting. I could not have found anything better. I was FINALLY able to find the perfect hutch to display all of our pretty things 🙂 It took a lot of hunting, but I did find the perfect one. See? Patience pays off!

I hope you love my home as much as we do! Of course, it is very different in person (iPhone’s tend to not take the best pictures…even with editing). There are other areas of my home displayed throughout other posts, you’ll just have to go and read them 🙂