Custom Hand Painted Pillows

I’m big on crafting, any craft really, but I’ve recently begun a new craft that is becoming a favorite hobby. Hand. Painted. Pillows. I mean, how awesome are these??

I may be biased, but I think that they really add something extra to any space… No two pillows are the same and they are customized to fit what you want.

As I make them they are listed on my Etsy page, and I have recently had several custom orders. Everyone LOVES these pillows. These also make the best gifts for any occasion, especially Christmas 😉

They are the pillow covers ONLY, form is not included…however, if you want the form with it, just ask! Prices vary on design and whether or not you want the pillow form included or not.

Here are the details for every pillow that is custom made:

Measure 20″x 20″
Cotton/linen blend
Acrylic paint
Made in a smoke free home and cat free home
When you order a pillow, you get to choose your pillow color, paint color, and design. You can choose ANY paint color, and the pillow color options are:
Royal Blue
Light Pink
Here are the designs I have done thus far…and I’m so excited to start more!

The Sports Team Pillow Cover

My husband and I are Razorback fans, so I automatically made an Arkansas one. With this pillow cover, choose your state, colors, and any phrase you want on the pillow. You also have the choice of a start or heart over the right area of the state 🙂 Or…choose a design similar to the Alabama pillow cover.

The Patterned Pillow Cover

Easy, simple, perfect. Adds the perfect touch to any home. Choose the pattern you’d like and colors. Chevron is so popular right now, and is highly requested.

The Sunshine Pillow Cover

So adorable. Need another phrase, just ask 🙂

The Monogrammed Pillow Cover

I saved my favorite for last. Monograms are also very popular right now, and I love this color/pattern combo! Choose your pattern and colors and letter.

These are just the few that I have done, but I am open to ALL requests.

Updated Front Porch

I had several pallets in my garage (shout out to Married Filing Jointly for letting me have them), and I have gone over and over how I want to use them. Initially, I wanted to make a headboard, but the more I looked at them sitting there…I knew that was not the look I wanted for my bedroom. I’m saving up money for an upholstered headboard 🙂

Anyway, I’ve been quite disappointed with the look of my front porch. We’re renting, so I knew I couldn’t make any radical changes, but it just needed something…new. Out of nowhere, literally, an idea popped into my head and within a couple of days it was done. This was so easy and it made a HUGE difference.


Front Porch Before

Our front porch wasn’t bad I guess, but it was kind of blah. I loved the wreath that I had there, but it had been up there for awhile and was a little worn. I also loved having the fern there, and I’m proud of my self for having kept it alive since March. I ended up using it again with the new look, but the fern is definitely going to need to be replaced.


Front Porch After

I LOVE this look so much more, and the pallet was the perfect touch, and it’ll be easy to change out each season. I used the same mat and spray painted a chevron pattern on it. On the door is a plastic chalkboard and I intertwined burlap through it and tied a bow at the bottom. I found BEAUTIFUL flowers at Lowe’s and placed them throughout the pallet. *Tip: I turned the pallet around so I could use the back side for shelves.*

I had been saving some jars for awhile and this was a great opportunity to use them. I repotted a single flower in each jar, and on a few of them I tied a bow around the jar with a chartreuse colored burlap.

Burlap Front Door

Plants Front Porch

Front Porch Plant Shelf

The whole finished pallet with flowers. When it’s time to decorate for Fall, I plan on using an arrangement of pumpkins. I can’t wait for that!

Front Porch Plants Full Shelf

Now, for the pallet…

I used the pallet that was in the best shape, and simply spray painted it. Easy, right? I used Rust-oleum from Walmart (the can said PRIMER, and it could be used on either wood, metal, plastic, or anything). All it needed was 1 coat of spray paint and tah-dah!…it was done.

Fireplace Remodel

It’s always nice to you have the opportunity to redo an area of your home. That is exactly what my Granny did…but to the majority of her home. Over the past several years, there have been updates to the kitchen, an expansion of the master bedroom, and updates to the living room/hallway and guest bath.

Everything looks beautiful! Just recently though (well, last year), she decided to redo her entire fireplace. I was so excited because I drew up the plans for her and presented them to my uncle (who was the main contractor on the project).

The old fireplace was in very good shape, and complimented the older style of the home. However, with the new updates that had taken place, the fireplace was next in line for a remodel!

The downside I saw to this was losing the extra seating space on the fireplace hearth. Our family is very close, and we love spending time over there, so the extra seating was a big help. We’ve made it work; however, and still enjoy being together often.

Here are a couple of the before pictures:

What she gained (and needed), was extra storage space and shelving. So, for the new design, I included a fireplace sitting on the floor with an amazing mantle that has a built in unit to hold the DVD player and the television box.

Above the fireplace was plenty of space to hang the TV. On either side of the fireplace, I included wall to wall shelving space, with storage on the bottom.

The original drawings included dimensions and further details, but I no longer have a copy of that. I did, however, take a picture of my original drawing. (This is an awful picture, but gives the general idea) 🙂

The drawing also included stone surrounding the fireplace and crown moulding at the top. The curvature at the top of the fireplace and shelves breaks up the design to add interest, plus it is more appealing.

Pictures during the project:

And finally, the after picture:

I absolutely LOVE how the finished product turned out. It totally changed the way her house looks, and is eye catching as soon as you walk through the door. My Granny mentions often how much people compliment it when they come over.

I love even more being able to do something for her. She does so much for our whole family and deserves a whole new fireplace, plus so much more!

DIY: Pallet Table

Sorry to have been MIA for the past month…it has been crazy busy, which was a pleasant change from my stay-at-home-life lately. I spent some great time with family, plus an amazing beach trip. I actually got the idea for this post when I went home to visit, so props to my awesome family 🙂

I have to give a shout out to my brother. He made this awesome pallet table for my mom on Mother’s Day, and it is just PERFECT outside on her patio. When I went home and saw it for the first time, he told me just how easy it was to make. I have a few pallets sitting in the garage (waiting to be used on other projects), but I may save one to make this project 🙂

Old pallet
4 blocks of wood (for legs)*
Drill or hammer
Screws or nails
Paint or wood stain (optional)
*For the legs, you could buy decorative ones at Lowe’s or Home Depot. They just need to be sturdy or thick enough to hold the weight of the pallet.

The most important thing to do before anything else, it clean and prepare the pallet. I had pressure wash mine first because they were covered in mud, and they took FOREVER to dry. Be sure to sand down the pallet too to take care of any loose splinters, and overall smooth the wood.

This DIY project really is as easy as it seems. Unfortunately I don’t have step-by-step pictures since Kyler did this as a surprise, but overall it is pretty self-explanatory.

Step 1: Choose which side you want to be the bottom, and use a tape measure to make sure all of the legs are in the same place on each corner. Mark the areas and remeasure, just to make sure you’re spot on!

Step 2: Use the drill to screw in the screws. Depending on the legs you get, you may have to screw in at angles to make sure they really hold. Kyler happened to get wood legs long enough to reach the top of the pallet, and he nailed in from the top.

Step 3: Optional paint. Kyler stained his table with a dark stain, but any paint would look amazing. I personally, would do something more fun (maybe a chevron pattern on top!). If you paint, I definitely recommend putting a finish on top so it stays in great shape.

Being a designer, I just had to dress up the table while I was at home. I chose these great metal cans and threw in some fake flowers. (Fake florals are not my favorite item, but for picture purposes, I think they turned out looking really good!) Kyler did a great job on this pallet table. Maybe now that I’ve dedicated a post to him, he’ll do a table for me…hint hint 😉 Or if I actually do this myself, I will post pictures and maybe repost a tutorial if I have new pertinent information 🙂