How to Spray Paint Furniture

I have to say…this has probably been one the FUNNEST and EASIEST projects I’ve ever done. It literally only took me an afternoon, and I got a brand new coffee table. Every time I look at it, I enjoy it more and more.

We got this coffee table right after my husband and I got married, back in 2010. It was nice at first, but our puppies have forever left their marks on it. Needless to say, it was looking a little rough. I’m also obsessed with the color Turquoise right now, so that is the color I used.

I’m the type of person who will do anything to avoid sanding furniture down before hand. I just hate to do it. I also needed this to be easy. All I needed for this project was an old piece of furniture, spray paint, and steel wool (which I used for distressing).


1. Spray paint: Probably 2 cans, depending on the furniture…I got mine at Walmart (see picture)
2. Steel wool: Also from Walmart (see picture)

Step 1: Clean your furniture piece thoroughly. I simply wiped mine down with Pledge. Make sure you use a well ventilated area with plenty of space. I just went into the backyard, and laid down a piece of cardboard over the grass so it wouldn’t turn blue 🙂

*Before starting, be sure to pull out any drawers, and paint them separately. And also take off an knobs and screws.

Step 2: Simply follow the directions on the spray paint. Don’t spray too close or the paint will be runny, I stayed back several inches when spraying. Also, if you’re painting wood, make sure to spray in the direction of the wood grain. It only took one coat of the spray paint for it to cover, but some places needed a little more. I let it dry outside for an hour, though it didn’t even need that long.

Step 3: Grab a piece of your steel wool, and work on the corners and edges first. It doesn’t take much pressure, just a little bit so that the paint comes off. Depending on how much distressing you want, either do more or less on your furniture. I did a heavier distressing…mostly because I liked the dark wood color underneath.

Step 4: Clean again. When I used the steel wool, remnants of paint and wool went everywhere. I wasn’t sure about using the Pledge again, mostly afraid it was not going to work with the spray paint. But it worked perfectly fine, and gave it a glossy finish. I didn’t even need to put a finish on this, because the paint worked so well. However, if you want to put a finish on it, I’d recommend going to Lowe’s and getting a simple wood finish.

And now I have a new coffee table! I loved the way it turned out, and it looks much better than the old brown color. It really was that simple!