Hi Ho, Hi Ho a New Office to Go!

I know the title is a little cheesy…ok very cheesy, but whenever I get ready to work I always think of this song. I am so excited to show off a friend of mine’s new office space. Lindsay came to me awhile ago asking me to give her office a new look, nothing big, just a few simple, new changes. It took me a good amount of time to edit some pictures and prepare everything, which is why it’s just now getting shown off! Anyway, Lindsay LOVES her office and receives compliments whenever someone sees it. It needs to be shown off!

Lindsay had a good amount of office space, and the layout she already had worked best for her, so I left the layout alone. She didn’t need new furniture, bookshelves, or anything big…like I said, a new simple facelift. These kinds of makeovers are so fun and easy! I love shopping for new accessories!

Here is the before:

Here is the after:

I love this look now. It looks clean, organized, and I have to recommend the candles that I used…they came from Ikea and smell AMAZING!

In one corner of her office there is chair. I placed gorgeous rug in front of it to add a pop of color and to soften the office space. I added a new pillow and also put up a set of mirrors above the chair.

Lindsay’s shelves were fun to decorate, and they look even better now because she’s added pictures into her frames. Just a few new white storage tubs were used in the shelves that look much better than the fabric ones. She had plenty of books and other miscellaneous items that helped pull everything together as well. I love coming in here and looking at the pictures of her son, Jacob. Now he makes the room look good! Her office definitely needed a lamp, and I found the perfect one. I’m usually not a huge fan of plants, and this one was already in her office, I just moved it’s location, and it works much better here by the shelves.

Lindsay had a great bulletin board above her desk that needed to stay. Just a little rearranging is all her desk needed to finish the look.

On the opposite side of her desk is a small side table, which at first was a little cluttered. After some organizing and adding a few accessories, plus some AMAZING art, it really turned out great! As far as art went, I wanted a series of something, not just something to take up space. What I loved most about this art collection is that it is actually fabric and I wrapped it around card board and then had it framed. Using different sizes really adds some dimension, too.

Lindsay is FANTASTIC at doing her job, and I am thrilled to volunteer for her every week. She totally deserves the perfect office, and now she has it! I am also very grateful to call her a friend of mine, and had a blast putting this together for her.