Fireplace Remodel

It’s always nice to you have the opportunity to redo an area of your home. That is exactly what my Granny did…but to the majority of her home. Over the past several years, there have been updates to the kitchen, an expansion of the master bedroom, and updates to the living room/hallway and guest bath.

Everything looks beautiful! Just recently though (well, last year), she decided to redo her entire fireplace. I was so excited because I drew up the plans for her and presented them to my uncle (who was the main contractor on the project).

The old fireplace was in very good shape, and complimented the older style of the home. However, with the new updates that had taken place, the fireplace was next in line for a remodel!

The downside I saw to this was losing the extra seating space on the fireplace hearth. Our family is very close, and we love spending time over there, so the extra seating was a big help. We’ve made it work; however, and still enjoy being together often.

Here are a couple of the before pictures:

What she gained (and needed), was extra storage space and shelving. So, for the new design, I included a fireplace sitting on the floor with an amazing mantle that has a built in unit to hold the DVD player and the television box.

Above the fireplace was plenty of space to hang the TV. On either side of the fireplace, I included wall to wall shelving space, with storage on the bottom.

The original drawings included dimensions and further details, but I no longer have a copy of that. I did, however, take a picture of my original drawing. (This is an awful picture, but gives the general idea) 🙂

The drawing also included stone surrounding the fireplace and crown moulding at the top. The curvature at the top of the fireplace and shelves breaks up the design to add interest, plus it is more appealing.

Pictures during the project:

And finally, the after picture:

I absolutely LOVE how the finished product turned out. It totally changed the way her house looks, and is eye catching as soon as you walk through the door. My Granny mentions often how much people compliment it when they come over.

I love even more being able to do something for her. She does so much for our whole family and deserves a whole new fireplace, plus so much more!