DIY Burlap Bedskirt Tutorial

For the longest time, I have been wanting to redo my bedroom. It all started with the headboard*. Once I decided what I wanted, everything else pretty much fell into place. I found everything I wanted, from nightstands, pillows, comforter, sheets, etc.

What I could not decide on though was a bedskirt. The sheets I ordered did not come with a bedskirt (which is ok, because the sheets are orange, and I knew I wouldn’t have liked an orange bedskirt).

*Side note: my wonderful hubby made this headboard for me, and did a FANTASTIC job. There is also a matching footboard, but I forgot to include that picture on here…oops!*

Anyway, I had already gotten these pretty cool burlap pillows and thought to myself, ‘I could make a burlap bedskirt’. So that is exactly what I did. It was extremely easy.

The only part about it is when we move again I’ll have to start all over. It would probably be easy to just take the skirt I’ve already done and add a white fabric to it and sew it together…maybe I’ll try that, eventually.

I started with measuring the size of the bed to determine how much burlap I would need. Here is how I figured it out:

Measure the sides or your bed and the front of your bed and add them together.
Ex. (based on a king bed)
80 + 80 + 76 = 236

Divide this number by 12 to get feet.
236/12 = 19.67

Finally, divide this number by 3 to get yards.
19.67/3 = 6.56 or 7
Always round up!

For a king size bed, 7 yards may seem like a lot, but it really isn’t. Plus, this project is inexpensive, too. Burlap is usually $3.99/yd. Make sure if it’s a place like Hobby Lobby or JoAnn’s you bring in 40% coupon!

You will also need: scissors and upholstery pins

Now, to begin making your bedskirt! Be sure to take off your top mattress and have the box spring exposed. If you can, have plenty of room for you to be able to go to your bed. If you have a footboard go ahead and move it too.

{1} Burlap has a very strong smell to it. I began by laying my burlap over some chairs in my backyard and spraying it with Febreeze every few hours. I hated waiting, but it will be worth it when it doesn’t smell as strong. Shake it out even to get those loose particles out.

{2} Now start cutting your burlap down the middle. Be sure to cut length wise! If your cut lines are not all that straight (mine definitely were not), then use the cut side as the top to be pinned.

{3} Using one cut piece and starting at the back end of one side, make sure the burlap is touching the floor and start pinning to the box spring. Begin pleating it and continue to pin down. Your pleats can be however large you want, but you want to keep them smaller so your burlap will stretch out farther.

{4} One cut piece of burlap should go halfway around your bed. When you get the corners, just keep the pleats going. You may have to bunch up the burlap a little more for the corners though. When your first cut piece of burlap runs out, just continue where it left off.

{5} Just keep pinning, just keep pinning…

{6} If you have any leftover burlap left when you’re finished, just cut it off. If there are any loose areas, go back and pin them tighter. I ended up using extra pins just to make sure it wouldn’t move around too much.

Make sure you have help to get your mattress back on top. You don’t want to mess up any of the pins and have to redo an area. I don’t have a steamer, but if you do, I recommend going around the steaming the burlap to get any wrinkles out.

And you’re done! A new bedskirt that is super easy and inexpensive. Enjoy!