All Things Color

Color is perhaps one of the most important aspects in your home. It adds so much to a room, plus, it’s easy to change if it needs to be. There are so many things about color that are important, and helpful to know. Certain colors go well with other colors, and groups of colors are better suited for certain personalities, known as the psychology of color.

Color Coordination

The colors that complement each other the best are red and green, yellow and purple, and blue and orange. There are various shades of each color, and on the color wheel, the boldest of one color directly compliments the boldest color across from it; these are your complementary colors:

Red & Green

Yellow & Purple

Blue & Orange

Color Psychology

It is known that certain colors reflect certain personalities and moods. Some are obvious, yet at the same time some of the colors are not. There are even color groupings that can affect a persons emotional behavior.

There are specific color groups can have an impact on how people emotionally respond to certain colors. These colors and responses are:

– Light-value and bright color groups produce feelings of spontaneity and happiness
– Light and dull or neutralized colors produce feelings of calm and relaxation
– Dark and dull or neutralized colors are serious and profound
– Dark values and bright chroma (jewel tones) suggest richness and strength

Light Value & Bright Colors

Light Value & Neutral Colors

Dark Value & Neutral Colors

Dark Value & Neutral Colors

Certain colors go right along with certain personalities, and each color reveals different characteristics of each personality. First of all, your warm colors (i.e. reds, oranges, and yellows) are inviting, homey, encouraging, and intimate. Your cool colors (i.e. blues, greens, and purples) are calm, relaxing, and emotional. The different shades of each color also convey different emotions and meanings as well.

Red: Danger, passion, love, and excitement, wealth, power, and sometimes evil, cheerfulness, youth, festivity, femininity, innocence, relaxation, and delicacy.

Orange: Friendliness, warmth, celebration, and clarity, wealth, success, fame, rich, depth, security, sense of well-being, stimulation (to the appetite).

Yellow: Cheerful optimism, sunshine, springtime, renewal, intense, intellect, wealth, affluence, status, and high esteem. Too much is brash and flamboyant, intelligence, wisdom, compassion, freshness, clarity, and cleanliness.

Blue: Loyalty, honesty, integrity, and royalty, sincerity, conservatism, safety, peacefulness, and compassion, calm, cleanliness, and tentativeness.

Green: Nature, calmness, integrity, and friendliness, solidity, wealth, and security, sea and sky, nostalgia, and calmness, youthfulness, freshness, and happiness.

Purple: Optimism, imagination, royalty, dignity and drama, depth, richness, security, sternness, and soberness, freshness, springtime, flowers, femininity, and kindness.

There are many other topics about color that are important, but I felt these were most important to know when it comes to your own home. Of course, one of the best things to know about color is what colors are best for each room, but there’s a wealth of information on that, so I’m saving that for another post. 🙂